What We Do

Sublime Renovations and Design is dedicated to transforming your living spaces with innovation, precision, and a touch of class

Kitchen Remodel

Transform your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece with our bespoke design and modern functionality.

Bathroom Remodel

Our bathroom remodel service is about creating a luxurious retreat, paying attention to every detail, from the layout to the materials.

Exterior Home Remodel

Revitalize your home’s facade with our exterior remodeling, blending aesthetics with structural integrity.

Our Services

At Sublime Renovations and Design, we offer a full spectrum of bespoke renovation and design services

Exterior Design

From modern exteriors to classic charm, our designs make a lasting impression.

Interior Design

We consult on interiors that marry beauty with functionality for everyday living.

Interior Home Remodel

Reinvent your living area with our comprehensive interior remodeling services, ensuring functionality meets finesse.

Living Room Remodel

Our living room remodel service is dedicated to making your relaxation and entertainment space a true reflection of your lifestyle.

Bedroom Remodel

Our bedroom remodel service is dedicated to enhancing your personal sanctuary. Creating a space that promotes relaxation and sleep.


Our roofing services are dedicated to enhancing your homes protection and exterior appeal.

Home Building

Our home building services are designed to bring your dream home to life!

Basement Remodeling

Our home building services are designed to bring your dream home to life!

Ready to Reimagine Your Space

Let's make your renovation dreams a reality